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From my own experience, I find that yoga is a fantastic tool for personal development - providing mental clarity and emotional resilience as well as physical fitness. In this respect, it is a good fit with coaching.

I started practicing yoga in 2009 - initially for the strength and flexibility benefits to support my martial arts training. I soon realised the positive effect it also had on my emotional and mental well-being, including helping me to manage stress more effectively. Yoga has played a big role in my own growth and personal development, which is why I trained to become a yoga teacher, so I could support others in their own experience.

I am a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, specialising in yoga for self-development and for athletes/martial artists, in addition to providing general classes and private yoga tuition.

I teach and practice Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow, which was developed by Baron Baptiste and is a dynamic form of yoga that provides an effective body workout, as well as a calm mind. I find it to be, at the same time, grounding and energising. Baron was taught personally by some of the great influences in modern day yoga, including Iyengar and Desikachar.

At the end of 2015/start of 2016, I spent five months in Ubud, the spiritual centre of Bali, practicing yoga with some of the world's greatest teachers from all over the world. I am pleased to be able to bring this experience back to my practice and teaching. Read more...

I offer classes for groups, businesses and private tuition for individuals. I also incorporate yoga into my workshops, including my 'Find the power within' workshops and in my coaching packages.

Please contact me for more information on how I can provide tailored yoga teaching for you.

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Some of the benefits of yoga are:

  • It makes you stronger and more flexible
  • It improves your balance, control and body awareness – fine-tuning your proprioception (the sense of relative position of your body and strength of movement in space)
  • It reduces the risk of injury when performing other sports – by increasing the recruitment of stabilising muscles and strengthening the joints
  • It provides mental focus and clarity – resulting in a clearer and calmer mind
  • It helps alleviate stress – including through breath control and through physical movement