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Wake up your inner warrior with this unique, fun and empowering combination of yoga, martial arts and self-enquiry.

Yoga has become increasing popular in the west and martial arts have also experienced significant growth, with people initially attending for the exercise and gaining so much more beyond the physical benefits. But, did you know there are a huge number of similarities between the two seemingly different practices?

Kung fu is a martial art based on Indian yoga, with sequences of classical Hatha yoga poses having been introduced to monks at the Shaolin Temple by the Indian prince and yogi, Bodhidharma, in the sixth century. It’s no coincidence then that there are so many ‘warriors’ in your yoga practice!

Not only do they have a shared history, but martial arts and yoga have the same goal at their root – making the body strong and flexible whilst calming and focusing the mind (mindfulness). A knowledge of both can benefit you immensely – both on and off the mat(s). In fact, check out what famous yoga teacher, Baron Baptiste, had to say about the similarities between the two in this article from Yoga Journal. Baron is a huge source of inspiration and it was great to see that he shares the same view as me and an increasing number of others: "Both yoga and martial arts are modes of self-healing that aim to dissolve stress and increase awareness. Both practices strive to awaken energy, or chi, within the body. Like yogis, martial arts practitioners learn how not to think, how to go beyond thinking to samadhi, a state of meditative union with the Absolute".

In my ‘Find The Power Within’ workshops, you will have fun, release tension and expand your yoga practice by learning some basic martial arts techniques (following a yoga warm-up) and carrying out some journaling/self-enquiry exercises about the experience. Most importantly, you will be empowered by rising to the challenge of tackling something new.

Bring yourself, your journal, comfortable work-out/yoga clothes (e.g t-shirt and leggings/shorts), a willingness to have fun and explore! No prior martial arts experience necessary. (In fact, no previous yoga experience needed either!)

Participants of this workshop will benefit from:

  • A fun experience and a good work out!

  • Release of tension/emotions and alleviation of stress

  • Expanding any existing yoga practice by learning some basic martial arts moves

  • Improved confidence – knowledge of self-defence and what their body is capable of

  • Being empowered by rising to the challenge of tackling something new

  • Increased strength and stamina

  • Improved co-ordination and body awareness – leading to positive, powerful self-image

  • Mental focus and clarity – resulting in a clearer and calmer mind

  • Learning about the shared history of yoga and martial arts

  • Learning about themselves through self-enquiry/journaling – lessons to take off the mat

  • Diminished fear

  • Learning that challenges/doing something new is how we grow in life

I run group workshops and one-to-one sessions mainly in the London area of England, as well as a few other worldwide locations.

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