From retreat organisers...

“We had the pleasure to experience Jo's workshop at our Finland Summer Yoga Retreat and it added immense value to the overall retreat experience. Her workshops are a powerful combination of physical experience along with empowering self-inquiry, which truly opened the retreat participants up in an incredible way. I am proud of what Jo has created with these inspirational workshop experiences and who she has become as a teacher, coach and leader. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking a fun, challenging and inspiring experience.” 

- Jack Boken, Founder/Owner at Happy Jack Yoga.

“I learned a lot! I think lots of yogis are inclined towards martial arts as there is a link. Keep strengthening that awareness!”

- Hanna von Hafenbradl, Founder/Owner at Hanna Yoga.


From retreat attendees...

“I’m soooo thankful for this workshop. It was the best stress-relief, therapy and ‘aha’ moment of the retreat so far and you got me inspired to take up kickboxing! I realised that I still have some unresolved issues and that I am stronger than I think”

- Johanna, Helsinki, Finland.

“I really love what you do – with such enthusiasm and a big heart! I will take away from this workshop a feeling of joy and realisation of the similarities between yoga and martial arts, especially from a spiritual point of view”

- Titi, Helsinki, Finland.

“I enjoyed the feeling of empowerment from the workshop. I was able to let go and give it a try and I found that I really enjoyed it. It was a good lesson for me in why it’s good to give new things a try”

- Riika, Helsinki, Finland.

“I will take away from this workshop the realisation that I have hidden powers! I felt tired before the workshop, but I did the whole session – because of both the adrenalin and the fact that it was interesting”

- Nina, Helsinki, Finland.

“I enjoyed trying something completely new that I wouldn’t even have considered doing before and I realise that I enjoy a variety of different things. Yoga philosophy and tools are everywhere! It was very empowering”

- Olga, Helsinki, Finland.

“I enjoyed the very fact that this martial arts workshop was added to the retreat programme to begin with. I encourage you to keep up the good work – spreading the knowledge of how martial arts and yoga are connected”

- Arttu, Jarvenpaa, Finland.

“I was happy to discover that I have real power inside of me”

- Mimmi, Helsinki, Finland.


“I’m seriously considering attending some kickboxing classes after doing your workshop”

- Zeynep, Helsinki, Finland.