I have a You Tube channel, where I post regular short (ten minute) videos of advice on various personal growth and coaching topics. I also take part in occasional webinars.


Follow Your Bliss Interview with Les Leventhal - here I interview international yoga teacher and author, Les Leventhal, on what following his bliss means to him, how yoga and self-development was key to his recovery from addictions, and how he helps others who are going through transformation in their lives.


Follow Your Bliss Interview with Dr. Gabija Toleikyte - this is the first in a series of videos with people who I find interesting and awesome, who are ‘following their bliss’ and who I believe have an inspiring story/perspective on the world. Here, I speak with neuroscientist, Dr Gabija Toleikyte, about what following your bliss means to her and how an understanding of your brain can change your life.


Setting healthy boundaries: saying 'no' to others to say 'yes' to yourself - it sounds counter-intuitive, but setting boundaries is a healthy thing to do in order to improve our relationships with everyone around us.



Developing a gratitude diary: the key to happiness - one of the most effective tools in my own self development to date and a practice I often recommend to clients.



The five truths about fear - I am a licenced Feel The Fear trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation. In her book, 'Feel the fear and do it anyway', Susan identifies five truths about fear, which I summarise in this video.



Vulnerability as a strength - allowing yourself to be vulnerable is one of the strongest things you can do and helps you connect on a deeper level with others.



Seven ways to take control of your life and your happiness - a special webinar I ran with with social psychologist, Mihaela Stroe. Looking in depth at the seven key ways I have distilled down from my own personal experience.

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