I have a You Tube channel, where I post regular short (ten minute) videos of advice on various personal growth and coaching topics. I also take part in occasional webinars.


Facebook Live video about the four stages of learning or behaviour change - this is the first in a series of 'Monday Magic' coaching tips.




Facebook Live video about the ABC tool from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - this tool helps us slow down and choose a wise response in any situation. Part of the 'Monday Magic' series.



Facebook Live video about why starting a gratitude diary - covering how this is one of the most useful things we can do to support our happiness and some ideas on how to go about it. Part of the 'Monday Magic' series.




Follow Your Bliss Interview with Les Leventhal - here I interview international yoga teacher and author, Les Leventhal, on what following his bliss means to him, how yoga and self-development was key to his recovery from addictions, and how he helps others who are going through transformation in their lives.


Follow Your Bliss Interview with Dr. Gabija Toleikyte - this is the first in a series of videos with people who I find interesting and awesome, who are ‘following their bliss’ and who I believe have an inspiring story/perspective on the world. Here, I speak with neuroscientist, Dr Gabija Toleikyte, about what following your bliss means to her and how an understanding of your brain can change your life.


Setting healthy boundaries: saying 'no' to others to say 'yes' to yourself - it sounds counter-intuitive, but setting boundaries is a healthy thing to do in order to improve our relationships with everyone around us.



Developing a gratitude diary: the key to happiness - one of the most effective tools in my own self development to date and a practice I often recommend to clients.



The five truths about fear - I am a licenced Feel The Fear trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation. In her book, 'Feel the fear and do it anyway', Susan identifies five truths about fear, which I summarise in this video.



Vulnerability as a strength - allowing yourself to be vulnerable is one of the strongest things you can do and helps you connect on a deeper level with others.



Seven ways to take control of your life and your happiness - a special webinar I ran with with social psychologist, Mihaela Stroe. Looking in depth at the seven key ways I have distilled down from my own personal experience.

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