Do you want to:

  • Achieve your potential in life/work?

  • Move past fear to achieve your goals?

  • Develop confidence to move forward in life and your career?

  • Improving your relationships with others in all settings?

  • Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques to reduce stress?

In addition to being a professional certified personal and business coach, I spent many years as a Licenced Trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation, running corporate group trainings and public workshops for individuals that incorporate tools and techniques from the acclaimed book 'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®' and Susan's others publications that have been proven over the last 30 years as effective in helping people achieve their goals in life.

Read how 'Feel the fear and do it anyway®' has been prescribed as part of the NHS 'Books on Prescription' scheme... 

I also run a variety of other self-development workshops, retreats, away days and webinars.

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