"I would like to thank Jo for delivering an inspirational workshop on resilience in leadership to a group of around 80 aspiring leaders in healthcare. From communication prior to the event to follow afterwards Jo has given excellent service" - Jane Reeve, Organiser of NHS Leadership Academy event 'Inspiring Future Leaders in NHS Health & Social Care', London, UK

"A very good session! I found it really useful and feel I have learnt from the session. This includes exercises I can transfer my learning into practice" - Steven, London, UK

"I enjoyed the workshop very much. It was useful and practical. I found it informative, empowering and interactive" - Adeyemi, London, UK.

"A very good event. I could relate. It made me think about the choices I make" - Rebecca, London, UK.

"A very enjoyable session and led to deep thinking. It made me think about things in my life and ways I can deal with them to make my life better and less stressful -  the way I deal with circumstances, issues and problems" - Cynthia, London, UK.

"Very enjoyable, inspiring me to go forward and face my fears in my ambition for NHS leadership" - Francis, London, UK.

"Really interesting and informative session. This was a new area for me to explore" - Susanne, London, UK.

"Well done on a good session. I liked that it was interactive - that you got everyone to join in and participate" - Ngozi, London, UK.

"The workshop provided me with a framework to think about my fears, understand the context and ways of addressing them. I am definitely going to push myself out of my comfort zone" - Karan, London, UK.

"I liked that the workshop was interactive with many interesting and helpful threads to take forward" - George, London, UK.