"When I think of Jo Ritchie; the words that come to mind are passionate, driven, compassion, thoughtful and hungry for personal growth. I have had the pleasure to facilitate yoga workshops, retreats and teacher training with Jo and she has always stood out as an individual who is committed to participating fully and doing the work. I have personally witnessed Jo grow immensely, as an individual and as a yoga teacher, as a result of the consistent transformational work she is immersed in."

Jack Boken, Founder/Owner of Happy Jack Yoga.


"I have known Jo since I started out as a yoga teacher in 2009. She always showed a desire and willingness to spend time on her yoga mat and was one of the yogis who would consistently ask questions about her practice - a keen student. I was so happy that Jo chose to complete her 200HR Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training here with us at The House of Yoga. She was a fantastic student and I would recommend her as a gifted yoga teacher. When Jo passed her exams, it was with flying colours. It was very clear to me at the time that she had put in the work and was ready to do some amazing things and have a positive impact on people's lives."

Jason Pooley, Owner/Founder of The House of Yoga London.