"Jo has very high levels of integrity, dedication and commitment. If Jo says she will do something, she will do whatever it takes to deliver. She has excellent people skills and is a good coach and mentor. She always makes people feel welcome and ensures everyone is involved and informed.
I've worked with Jo on many projects over the years, initially when we were peers at the same company and later when I invited her in as a consultant in my new role at Frazer-Nash to develop a comprehensive internal communication strategy. In every instance, her work has been excellent and she has delivered not just what was asked for, but went above and beyond to deliver at the highest standard. Feedback from other stakeholders has been universally excellent and I would both recommend her and work with her again without hesitation."

- Ian Dudley, Head of Information Systems and Technology at Frazer-Nash Consultancy.


"Jo reported directly to me whilst working at Nelsons. She is an excellent and conscientious communications professional. I found her to be always thinking well ahead and setting the right strategic plan to preempt issues. Her understanding of the science and healthcare industry was instrumental in defining the positioning for our communications strategy. Jo is a quick learner, dependable and has a strong sense of urgency. She delivers quality work and has also built an effective network within the industry."

- Najib Fayad, Chief Operating Officer at Nelsons & Co Ltd from 2007-2014.


- "During the time I was a Director of Nelsons, I worked with Jo on a number of projects. She is a very competent person who knows her subjects and has a particular ability to summarise issues in a comprehensive manner."

Douglas Macneill, Chief Executive at Macneill Associates.