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"Having Jo as my life coach has been one of the best decisions I was ever made. I was recommended to see a life coach by a friend and whilst initially sceptical (and after seeing another coach who wasn’t my cup of tea) I met Jo who has helped me move forward immeasurably by giving me the confidence to take steps that I know I simply wouldn’t have done without her. Jo is extremely affable with the rare ability to make anyone feel at ease immediately  and combines this with a vast coaching knowledge to ensure that she guides her clients to achieve their goals. Jo has been my coach for approaching a year and has helped me achieve so much, I plan to continue with the coaching indefinitely as it is paying off in spades!"
- Dan, Sales, London, UK.

"Where do I begin? I went along with an open mind to understand what was holding me back. I can honestly say that Jo helped beyond all that I could have possibly envisaged in all areas of my life.  She is hugely warm, engaging, kind and non-judgemental.  Jo has an uncanny way of helping you to connect the dots and, for me, I moved forward progressively and understood more about myself than I did 6 months ago through the coaching I had with Jo.  I have moved forward in my relationships at work, with my family and most importantly honouring and recognising who I am.  The coaching has enabled me to move ahead of fear (namely procrastination) and I am now in the throes of setting up  an online business (exciting stuff).  What can I say, Jo is an authentic and genuine soul and I am so thankful for her wonderful coaching. What are you waiting for?
- Angela, Executive P.A., London

"In life, you're encouraged to be a good person and to be good at your job. There are some circumstances where the two coincide. Jo made the skills she has flourish through her personality in a way that enhanced the coaching experience for me. I got to know her through this experience and formed a relationship that I will always reflect on. Jo is there for you and she's there because she wants to be. I can't say enough good things about her as a person, as well as a coach"

John, Writer/Director, Glasgow, Scotland.

"I just wanted to sing the praises of Jo Ritchie. I had a coaching session with her a few weeks back and can genuinely say, hand on heart, it has changed my outlook on so, so much. I was really struggling with work-life balance (aren't we all) and juggling everything whilst being a massive control freak. I was inadvertently shutting myself off from potential opportunities and, to put it simply, I felt completely run down.
One session with Jo really changed how I felt in my outlook and has since supported me in making some fairly bold decisions and compromises.
If you're feeling like you need someone to chat things through with, or are at a bit of a crossroads, then I would absolutely recommend Jo. I really hope I can work with her again in the future and that this may be of benefit to you too. This is my genuine heartfelt recommendation."
- Laura, Retail Manager, London, UK

"Many thanks for your follow up email after yesterday's coaching session. You are a marvel, how you recall detail! I wanted to take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank you for your help this year.  I truly feel in a different place, and I know I wouldn’t be there without your help."
- Vivien, London, UK

"Coaching with Jo was a great way to clarify my personal objectives and set up an action plan to achieve them. The session flows so naturally and offers structure, clarity, goal definition, insightful ideas and questions to trigger the answers inside you. In addition, Jo follows up with a concise summary of the session, which helps tremendously in implementing the actions. I highly recommend Jo for any personal and professional objectives you may wish to achieve! Thank you so much, Jo!"
- Cristina (Warsaw, Poland).

"I was looking for a coach who could  provide individual coaching sessions for my small team and facilitate team planning days. It was important to me that I could find someone who had the same values as us and who could stretch, challenge and inspire us to achieve our goals. Jo has proved to be that person! She has been a delight to work with. Always thoroughly prepared, never flinching from the challenging questions and meticulous in her follow-up. Thank you, Jo!"

- Viv Grant, Owner/Director of Integrity Coaching, (London, UK).

"I gained a lot from the coaching sessions - both personally and professionally - and I am glad you encouraged me to push my comfort zone: Professionally, I achieved a sense of direction and realised how confident I am in my practice, as well as how much I love doing what I do. As a result of the coaching, the speed of growth changed significantly for my business. Personally, I achieved so much more than I could have imagined possible - including to stop being so strict with myself and holding on to negative feelings. I am also now a lot more tolerant of other people's actions, which crosses over into my professional life too. The most significant insight for me has been that things can and will change once that first step has been made. 
 Jo, you have helped me beyond what I can put into words and so much more than you can imagine.  I am hitting my life goals within months rather than in the years I was hoping for.  I still have issues when outside my comfort zone, but now thanks to you, I have the tools to tackle them head on and come out the other side with a high five. I think everybody should have a Jo! Thank you." 

- Nicky, Sports Therapy Professional (London, UK).

“Jo has a very natural and caring approach in the way she delivers coaching. I found her to be very insightful, professional and a fantastic communicator. She is very thorough in her approach and has helped me immensely. Jo has bundles of energy which is infectious and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

- Paul, Recruitment Company Director (London, UK).

"Jo's commitment to her authenticity is inspiring. Jo has coached me during challenging situations and brought awareness to situations in my life that I was blind to - she is masterful if you open up and allow her to work with you! She is someone who I know is fully committed to the growth and success of others."

- Jack, Yoga Teacher and Musician (Canada). 

"You've been a fantastic support and a great listener. So glad that you're a part of my journey to discovering a new me and in helping me view my situation through a different lens. 
It feels really good for someone else to have an insight into my life and to help me interpret situations to a different perception. It's a huge relief to be able to speak to someone without being judged.
I love the unpredictability of life now, whereas before I was a complete control freak!  Love letting go of things and myself. Time to relax and go with the flow!"

- Noreen, Make-up Artist (London, UK).