"7 ways to take control of your life and your happiness"

I was thrilled to be the guest in a special webinar on 30th January with Mihaela Stroe - Social Psychologist from Real Self Revolution, which provided tips and inspiration to help you make 2017 a year of positive change for you! This was aimed, in particular, at those who are feeling restless and starting to think about following a new and more fulfilling direction in life. 

We had nearly 400 people enrolled for the webinar and it was loads of fun. Many thanks to all who participated.

The webinar covered seven key insights, which I distilled down directly from my personal experience of changing my life for the better – including through work that helps support others and makes me happy every day.

Tips included the importance of self-care – learning to say “no” to others sometimes, to be kind to ourselves and maintain healthy self-esteem and relationships – as well as other lessons I have learnt on my journey so far.

Here is a link to the recording of this webinar, incase you missed it or want to watch again.

I hope it inspires you, even a little, to follow your own bliss, whatever form that takes for you. (Read more about my story and why I decided to follow my bliss...)