As well as writing for my own blog, Follow Your Bliss, I am pleased that I am increasingly being asked to write for other publications or take part in webinars. I have also started a series of my own personal development videos.

I am always looking for more writing and speaking opportunities as it enables me to reach new audiences, so I can help people face their fears and follow their dreams in order to achieve their goals and ultimately transform their lives. Please contact me, if you would like me to talk about an article for your publication.

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  • Follow Your Bliss interview with Charley Patton - this video is a conversation with the Co-Founder of Yoga Barn in Bali about what following your bliss means to him, how he developed a huge international yoga community from an idea on the back of a napkin and how his work helps others to find their own 'bliss' or path. Charley's story is an inspiration for anyone who has the seed of a dream of their own.

January 2018:

  • Follow Your Bliss Interview with Les Leventhal - here I interview international yoga teacher and author, Les Leventhal, on what following his bliss means to him, how yoga and self-development was key to his recovery from addictions, and how he helps others who are going through transformation in their lives.

December 2017:

October 2017:

  • Follow Your Bliss Interview with Dr. Gabija Toleikyte - this is the first in a series of videos with people who I find interesting and awesome, who are ‘following their bliss’ and who I believe have an inspiring story/perspective on the world. Here, I speak with neuroscientist, Dr Gabija Toleikyte, about what following your bliss means to her and how an understanding of your brain can change your life.

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  • Freedom is everything and love is all the rest - NLP Life Training blog - "As I travelled to Singapore recently on a day trip from my current home of Bali, I found myself thinking that I would like to write something about freedom – including the freedom of being a solo traveller. I’ve been thinking about freedom quite a bit recently and realised that I haven’t really written much about this subject yet, even though it is now such a big part of my life and a big contributing factor in my happiness..."

  • The concept of positivity - In The Zen Garden website blog - "Jo Ritchie, personal and business coach from Follow Your Bliss, talks to In The Zen Garden readers about the concept of following a positive or aware mindset in a society that often errs towards negativity or cynicism. It includes a discussion of neuroplasticity – the fact that you really can change your brain (and thus the direction of your life) by the way you think…"

March 2016:

  • Know thyself - The Best You Magazine - "It may be a cliché to ‘find yourself’, but it’s also – arguably – one of the most important things you will ever do. Here is a quick guide to living your authentic self, with links to further reading, by London-based personal coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Jo Ritchie..."

  • Asking for what you want in life - In The Zen Garden website blog - "Asking for what you want is a seemingly simple and obvious concept. However, this is a lot more complex, and sometimes harder to do, than at first glance..."