"Rapid, disruptive change is today’s normal. It comes in bubbles, waves and sometimes tsunamis. To cope, leaders need to be agile and resilient. For years, the focus has been on speed and agility. But globalisation, technology and social-political changes are disruptive. They require resilient leaders, emotionally intelligent people able to absorb complex change and help others move forward to achieve success"*

It's no longer enough to be an experienced and intellectually capable leader. Today's business environment requires the development of emotional intelligence, as well as mental acuity, and the ability to demonstrate authenticity in the workplace. These skills can be unlocked through leadership coaching - where we focus on increased self-awareness, reflection and insight to develop the ability to attract, influence and inspire others. Thus not only becoming an effective and influential leader, but also a fulfilled human being.

I have spent over 20 years in a business environment managing and mentoring teams, as well as advising senior leaders, so I have a keen awareness of the requirements for high performing teams and individuals in a corporate setting. (See more on my background...)

I am also a licenced YB12 coach and can provide a Total Focus group workshop across two half days, as well as an ongoing 12-month structured modular coaching programme for your individual leaders. Contact me for a FREE keynote talk about how coaching can support your business. 

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*Reference: Reid, J. The resilient leader: Why EQ matters. Ivey Business Journal May/June 2008.