Courageous women attended my July ‘Feel The Fear’ workshop!

What a fantastic group in my 'Feel The Fear' workshop in central London on Saturday 16th July 2016! We spent a day together learning more about the life-changing tools from Susan Jeffers’ acclaimed book, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!®’, that help us move past fear and achieve our potential in life.

I have to give credit to these awesome women for being courageous and doing the work that it takes to stare fear straight in the face and do it anyway! Some people let fear paralyse them in their lives and prevent them moving forward towards their goals, but these women are taking action and refusing to be stopped! By each of them sharing their stories, the whole group learned, connected and grew stronger.

We continue to stay in touch since the workshop as a virtual community via a dedicated Facebook group, where attendees are sharing their experiences of using Susan’s fear-busting tools in their daily lives and inspiring each other with recommendations of strategies, books, films and other tools that they have found helpful.

My next workshop will be held in October/November 2016 (exact date TBC). If you would like me to keep you up-to-date with details or if you have any questions about these transformational workshops, please contact me.

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