A SHARED COMMITMENT TO INTEGRITY: I'm pleased to have taken on Integrity Coaching for a 12-month contract

It is with great pleasure that I have taken on new client, Integrity Coaching, in a year-long contract that will include individual coaching for staff members and facilitation of regular team planning sessions to support the organisation’s further growth.

Integrity Coaching, run by Viv Grant, provides leadership coaching services to head teachers and senior school leaders. Viv recognised that her business had grown organically and she wanted to put in place one-to-one coaching for her team to support them and to build stability in the organisation for future growth.

Viv said: “When researching and approaching coaching companies to quote for this work, I found a good match in Jo’s background and her values. As you can imagine by the name of my organisation, integrity and authenticity is important to me. It was clear from Jo’s proposal that she really understood what it is that we as a company are trying to achieve and it feels great to know that we are working with someone who is so closely aligned to our values. I also have great respect for the work of Susan Jeffers and her acclaimed book, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway®’, so it helps to know that Jo is a licenced trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation and is well-grounded in this methodology, as well as bringing other skills from her business background and Master NLP Practitioner training”.

Jo commented: “Integrity Coaching is exactly the sort of company that I am looking to support through my coaching work. I have the utmost respect for Viv, who left her career as a headteacher to develop her business in an area of work she is passionate about. Having taken a similar path in following my own dreams, I could really relate. I am excited about working together to help take Integrity Coaching to even greater heights by supporting its staff to perform to their maximum potential and by facilitating a number of team sessions to help move the business forward”.

Jo added: “An investment in coaching is always a smart move for a company, As a coach herself, Viv knows that supporting her staff in this way develops them as individuals and thus helps unleash their abilities to take the business from strength to strength. We will be linking the coaching in with the company’s performance management system to ensure that the sessions support both the goals of the individuals and the organisation”.