***Two mini workshops at Finland Summer Yoga Retreat*** 

I am honoured to be running two mini workshops at the popular Finland Summer Yoga Retreat run by my dear friends Jack (of Happy Jack Yoga) and Hanna (of Hanna Yoga) from 16th – 19th June 2016 at Abhayalokan Retreat Centre, Läyliäinen, Finland.  

These workshops will support you in finding your power within (aka kicking fear’s butt!) through a unique combination of coaching, self-enquiry, yoga and martial arts. One of the sessions will be an introduction to the fear-busting and life-changing tools from Susan Jeffers’ acclaimed book, “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®”. This will help you move past fear to achieve your goals in life. The other session will be more physical, empowering and lots of fun! 

 Visit  http://www.happyjack.me/retreats/ for more information and to book your place on this transformational retreat. 

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