Rather than a set of corporate values that are on a wall but nobody remembers, I try to live my values daily in my work. I share them here, as I believe it’s important for the development of effective working relationships that we cooperate with people/organisations whose values are a good match with our own.

I value AUTHENTICITY above all else and this is the way I like to work; openly, honestly and genuinely. Trust and respect in working relationships is a big part of this. I will be professional in all I do, but I will never try to pretend I am something I am not – for example a big corporate entity. I am me and the skills I have are clearly outlined in this website.

The other values I work to are:

  • People are at the centre of everything
  • Well-being is key to success
  • Fun and creativity are vital
  • Challenge and variety support growth
  • Results and integrity matter

Please contact me for more information on how we can work together.