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The language of science and healthcare – combining analytical with creative skills

I knew I wanted to write about advances in science and medicine from an early age. I loved writing, creativity and languages, but I also had a passion for science. I believed that it was fascinating and that it could be made more accessible if it was written about in an interesting way – a way that inspired people and made them curious to learn more.

When choosing my A-levels, I had to fight my case to be allowed to take English alongside Biology and Chemistry. Such a combination was unheard of. You should be ‘analytical’ or ‘creative’ – certainly not both!

I took a Biology degree at University and, on graduating, knew that I still wanted to write about science, so I started as a Technical Writer in a science and healthcare communications agency. It was in this fast-paced environment that I cut my communications teeth. I was (and still am!) enthusiastic and keen to learn, working my way quickly up through account management. I then held a number of science, healthcare and medical communications positions – including in the NHS, a global natural medicine company and a major multinational pharmaceutical company.

I believe it is this unique combination of analytical and creative skills, as well as 18 years specialist science and healthcare communications experience, that sets me apart in this field.

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Changing my life – following my bliss

In all my communications roles, the aspect I enjoyed most was working with people – particularly the mentoring/coaching/personal development side to the job. I also enjoyed running a global education and training programme for seven years, as part of one communications role. I find people infinitely fascinating. Connecting with others and hearing their stories is the most rewarding and worthwhile thing I can imagine. I loved this, but – after a while – I found I was constrained by the corporate environment. I had gained a lot of experience, but I wasn’t able to be truly myself or achieve as much as I knew could be possible.

After many years of feeling not quite authentic in this environment, I went on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica. (I had started practicing yoga back in 2009, initially to provide extra flexibility for my martial arts practice.) I gave myself the time and space to think about what I really wanted to do and brought my laptop away with me on which to write up my plan. It was here that I made the decision to step out of the corporate world – to take a year to further develop my skills and redesign my working life to be more closely aligned with my values and passions.

I had recently been given a ‘big job offer’ to become permanent as Director of Communications at the pharmaceutical company where I had been contracting. It was one of the bravest, scariest and best decisions I have ever made to turn down their generous offer and follow my dreams – to embark on a year of learning, discovery and adventure.

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Changing other people’s lives through personal development – including coaching

I knew I wanted to continue working in communications, but I also wanted to explore my love of language and working with people in another way. I decided to enhance my language skills by doing a further qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I also wanted to extend my support and personal development skills through coaching and yoga, so I studied for my formal qualifications in these too. In addition to providing mentoring and coaching for my teams and senior leaders in various roles for many years, I had been on the receiving end of some executive/business coaching in a previous job and so I knew how powerful it could be in changing people’s lives.

The coaching clients I have worked with have experienced such significant transformation in their business and personal lives that it has further reinforced my desire to support people’s self-development in this way. (See testimonials from my coaching clients about their experiences of working with me.)

I know what it feels like to take control and transform your life because I have done it myself. Now I enjoy sharing my experience and continuing to help other to do this for themselves – in both their personal and business lives, as the two are intrinsically linked.

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I also support people's self development and personal growth through running workshops (including as a licenced Feel The Fear Trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation) and leading retreats.



So where does the yoga come in?

Another way in which I found I can support people’s personal development and general well-being is through yoga. This is a practice that I have found hugely beneficial in my own life – particularly for stress-relief! I teach and practice Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow, which was developed by Baron Baptiste and is a dynamic form of yoga that provides an effective body workout, as well as a calm mind. This yoga teaching, as well as my martial arts background, enables me to bring a different perspective and unique tools to personal development.

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What’s the story behind the dragonfly logo?

It was at the yoga retreat in Costa Rica that the dragonfly became an important symbol of transformation and growth for me. When I was there, I used to wake up at 5am every morning to the eerie sound of the howler monkeys and write the plan that was to become my new life. I would go up onto the rooftop and watch the hundreds of dragonflies above me as the sun rose on a new day. People are amazing and capable of great things – of transformation! I know this from personal experience and from coaching people, which is why I have adopted the dragonfly as my logo.




In summary

So, this is me and what I am all about. I am keen to work with companies who are excited about the advances they are making in science and healthcare and who want to tell people about them. I am also enthusiastic about working with individuals for their own personal and business development and with companies who are committed to developing their employees, which will in turn develop their business. And I am happy to teach yoga to anyone, in an individual, group or corporate setting, as I have seen first-hand the effects it can have on well-being.

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