I help people follow their dreams and achieve their goals in life!

I support individuals and businesses through clear, effective communications and through transformative personal development – including coaching, workshops, corporate training and yoga.

I love working with people! I believe that communications and coaching are closely associated, that business and personal coaching are intrinsically linked and that yoga provides a valuable additional tool for personal development. I am also a licenced 'Feel The Fear' trainer for the Susan Jeffers Organisation and a NLP Master Practitioner.

How can I help?

To make it easy for you to navigate this site and find out how I can best support you, I have grouped my services into two areas. Click on the links below for:

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  • My professional background – my experience and qualifications.

  • My story – to find out more about why I always wanted to write about advances in science and medicine and how I changed my life to leave the corporate world after 17 years and follow my dreams – to train in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching and yoga, so I could help people with their own personal development and run my communications and coaching business in the way I want to: authentically.

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